Update 2

G'day friends,

It has been a wild first week since we departed Shark Bay and we want to Thank You! 

Since leaving the West Coast we have travelled over 1,500 km on dirt roads, visited numerous Aboriginal Communities, played 2 pub gigs and hosted 3 community events.

Each day our team have come across people who have lost love ones to suicide. It is heartbreaking to hear some of the stories. 

At each of our events Ryan has shared parts of his story and had people in tears as they listen. One of the things we have been doing at each location is asking people to sign their name on a Crossing Australia community board for their town. It has opened up the opportunity to speak with people and also allowed people to feel apart of this mission. At the end of our stay the community boards are gifted to the local shire council.

The motorcycle joyrides have been a huge hit with kids and many people have lined up to get photos with the bike. The concerts have been a great way to bring joy to many hurting people.

Our first hiccup was overfilling the oil on the Harley, and a punctured tyre had us delayed for a short while but we have since been able to make up the time and are back on schedule.

Thank you again for your support and for partnering with us as we ride to some of the most remote parts of Australia. 

- Steve & the team