G'day to everyone who has supported the Crossing Australia mission. WE MADE IT!!!

All the way from Shark Bay to Byron Bay across the Gibson Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Central Desert and the impossible Simpson Desert which involved crossing over salt lakes, boggy swamps and 1100 sand ridges. 

With your support and the dedicated efforts of an amazing team we reached Birdsville at 9.30pm on September 14th, my birthday!! What a great way to celebrate! Then the rains came down again and floodwaters threatened to bring our final 1800km journey to an end. But we made it!!!! And on time for our final event in Byron Bay on Sunday.

Suicide prevention and helping people overcome depression are the driving issues that inspire us to keep going, and while we have reached the finish line, we believe that this mission is not over yet. 

Over the next few months we will be working on ways we can continue this vision. Thank you so much for your partnership. We know many lives have been impacted.

- Steve & the team